Stories, in Something Like a Chronological Order

As Things Continue

Swap (in progress)
Pt. 1
   In which a Sorceress’ plan goes very, very wrong.
Pt. 2
   In which a Zebra’s plan goes very, very wrong.
Pt. 3: Meanwhile…
   In which a Katters’ plan goes very, very wrong.
Pt. 4
   In which some mistakes are repeated.

Something About a House (in progress)
I: The House
   In which Katters and Zebra visit a house that is definitely not haunted.
II: Mercy
   In which mysteries run deeper than expected.
III: Dinner
   In which Zebra makes a decision.

Where She’ll Never Be Found (in progress)
Part I
   In which Zebra realises he is alone.


As Things Settled

How the Zebra Stole Christmas
   In which Zebra decides to do something about his holiday blues.


As Things Began

Russian Roulette
   In which Katters and Zebra play a game.


Ancient History

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