Stories, in Something Like a Chronological Order

As Things Continue

Swap (in progress)
Pt. 1
   In which a Sorceress’ plan goes very, very wrong.
Pt. 2
   In which a Zebra’s plan goes very, very wrong.
Pt. 3: Meanwhile…
   In which a Katters’ plan goes very, very wrong.
Pt. 4
   In which some mistakes are repeated.
Pt. 5
   In which a discussion is had and understandings are come to.

Black and White and Red All Over (18+)
   In which Zebra and Hyde get to know each other.

Something About a House (in progress)
I: The House
   In which Katters and Zebra visit a house that is definitely not haunted.
II: Mercy
   In which mysteries run deeper than expected.
III: Dinner
   In which Zebra makes a decision.
IV: Static
   In which Zebra goes into the basement, and Katters does not.

Where She’ll Never Be Found (in progress)
Part I
   In which Zebra realises he is alone.
Part II
   In which Zebra tracks a sorceress.
Part III
   In which Zebra loses a sorceress.
Part IV
   In which Zebra gains a journalist.


As Things Settled

How the Zebra Stole Christmas
   In which Zebra decides to do something about his holiday blues.


As Things Began

Russian Roulette
   In which Katters and Zebra play a game.


Ancient History

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