State of the Rabbit: December ’17

Last month, I made progress on Something About a House and Swap.

The List of Things What Need Writing:

In which Sor and Zebra go on a misadventure.
Vampire Drugs
In which a venom addict experiences some unfortunate side-effects.
Swap Epilogue
In which Sor and Zebra come to an understanding.
Magic ‘Taken’
In which a magic-user’s quiet life is disrupted.
Swap II: Cursed
In which Katters’ misadventure comes to a head.
Mountain and Bird
In which Mountain searches the sea for their lost love.
Zebra’s Revenge
In which Zebra takes his revenge on Hyde. (18+)
In which TIMPS is cleaned.
Hyde’s Revenge
In which Hyde takes his revenge on Zebra. (18+)
The Woods
In which Katters and Zebra dispose of a few bodies.
Something About a House
In which Zebra inherits a house and it is definitely not haunted.
And Then There Were Zombies
In which there were zombies.
Strapped to a Bomb
In which Katters is coerced into giving a helping hand to some people with access to explosives.
Nice for Once
In which Katters and Zebra are nice for once.
Excellent Customer Service
In which Katters, Zebra, and Shoot have some fun together.
Trapped in the Bathroom
In which there’s something locked in the bathroom but it’s fine, we just won’t use it anymore.
Scary Stories to Tell in Snowtown
In which Katters, Zebra, and Sor kill some time on March 21st.
Katters Gets Ketjucated
In which a ket takes pity on Katters and her woeful lack of cultural knowledge.
Two Sides
In which Katters and Zebra disagree about how a certain event has transpired.
Where She’ll/He’ll Never Be Found
In which Katters and/or Zebra are lost.
The Monster that Became a Child
In which a monster is left in the custody of woodland fae.
Paging Dr. Jones
In which Dr. Jones gets exactly what she deserves.
Ket eras
In which we follow a family-line of ketal through the years.
Ket folklore
In which ket values are remembered and passed on.
Who Stole the Heat from the Sun
In which it is explained why seasons exist.
Claiming Land
In which ket territorial disputes are explored.
In which a beloved character dies.
Non-Optional Employment
In which we witness one of Snowtown’s more unfortunate features.
SnowRPG Content
In which you choose your own adventure.
In which we must find out who killed him, and where, and with what.
It’s a mystery!


Feel free to encourage me to work on something in particular, if a something in particular strikes your fancy.

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