State of the Rabbit: November ’17

Last month, I made progress on HJ7 and Something About a House.

The List of Things What Need Writing:

  • Swap
  • Vampire Drugs
  • Swap Epilogue
  • Magic ‘Taken’
  • Swap II: Cursed
  • Mountain and Bird
  • Zebra’s Revenge
  • HJ7
  • Hyde’s Revenge
  • The Woods
  • Something About a House
  • And Then There Were Zombies
  • Strapped to a Bomb
  • Nice for Once
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Trapped in the Bathroom
  • Scary Stories to Tell in Snowtown
  • Katters Gets Ketjucated
  • Two Sides
  • Where She’ll/He’ll Never Be Found
  • The Monster that Became a Child
  • Paging Dr. Jones
  • Ket eras
  • Ket folklore
  • Who Stole the Heat from the Sun
  • Claiming Land
  • Death
  • Non-Optional Employment
  • Nothlitism
  • SnowRPG Content
  • Whodunnit
  • Thing

Feel free to encourage me to work on something in particular, if a something in particular strikes your fancy.

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